UI Design

For the bulk of my career designing websites I have either: used WordPress (customizing heavily), or built the site from the code up utilizing HTML, CSS, and smatterings of JavaScript. Notepad used to be my tool before I discovered the glory that is Visual Studio Code. Similarly I have recently discovered the glory that is Figma! Below you can see some of the projects I have started building to learn the system–fully editable, too, but don’t worry, I have secure private copies!

UI design, and the tools used for it, is a particularly exciting area that I look forward to build with.

Figma Projects & Experiments

Wedding Announcement. A couple of simple mockup for an Art Deco-themed wedding announcement/RSVP website, complete with announcement video. Or engagement photo, I guess!

IngramSpark⇗ is the industry standard for book distribution and print-on-demand, and they do not currently have an app. This is a start to what that might look like. The grand challenge, as with so many apps, will be to distill the essential information while making the “advanced” options easy to locate. Make no mistake, they have a LOT of info on that site. No wonder they haven’t built an app yet. However, much of that info may not be necessary to include in an app; I think it could be reasonable to have areas that are desktop-only/focus the app to a specific set of needs that could easily be accomplished with such an app. A way for an author or publisher to efficiently track sales, for instance.

Portfolio. The following is an early mock-up for an alternate version of my portfolio–this very website, in fact (images are stock, other than the photo of me). The goal I have in mind is to limit the need for vertical scrolling, and having the relevant content in a slideshow without having to go to a separate page. I would achieve this using ReactJS.